I thought that creating a double exposure image meant I had to be a Photoshop boss, but I was surprised by how easy it was.  These are far from perfect, but they’re not too shabby for a first try.  I wouldn’t have used these images, but I don’t have a camera, so I had to scavenge through my own photos to find good landscapes and portraits.

I found a Youtube video created by Letsgettoit that guided me through the process.  It was fairly easy to follow, but half way through, I had to part ways with the video and figure it out on my own, just because my images were different than the example.

(some of) The Process:

  1. Use the quick selection tool (W) to select the model’s face and any other part that you want as your base image.  Right click, select Feather, and change the digit to “0.5”.  Press OK.
  2. Command+J to copy.  Delete background.  Hit new adjustment layer, change the color to white.  Place the model layer above this newly created adjustment layer.
  3. Add the landscape image by dropping it onto the first image.  Turn opacity down, resize and adjust, turn opacity back up.