What is campus rides?

A vast majority of students reach campus by foot. While this is not a bad thing, because of distance and weather, walking to campus can be both difficult and uncomfortable. This is where Campus Rides comes in. Some students came together to develop a system where students who own vehicles can pick-up other students on their way to campus or apartments. Our student drivers are all volunteers who have found a simple way to serve others.

You can too.


We will help pay for your vehicleʼs basic maintenance and cleanliness. This en– sures that your vehicle will be taken care of whether or not you will be able to pay for it yourself. Grease Ape and Clean-A-Car of Rexburg has partnered with Campus Rides to provide these services. No worries!

Weʼve got you covered.


Volunteer drivers will be transporting all sorts of people from all around. This provides a perfect opportunity for others to get to know each other, see if they share common interests, and decided if their time is worth spending together.

This might even lead to a relationship. 🙂


All passengers will be validated and registered BYU-I students who are in good standing with the university. BYU-I has partnered with our Campus Rides app to provide access for only those students who qualify. This makes the entire expe- rience a safer one for both the passenger and the driver.

So what are you waiting for?